At Rio Bravo Ranch, we feel a responsibility for this land. It belongs to us, to our ancestors, and to our children’s children. The land also belongs to the community, for we know its beauty and landscape brings joy to so many. It is also our home. We understand that it is not just soil and we are constantly aware of the consequences of any decisions we make regarding the use of the land.

When George Nickel annexed over 3,000 acres of this land unto the City of Bakersfield in early 1977, the intention was to dedicate a portion of the land to residential use, with a large percentage to remain as open space. Rio Bravo Ranch is currently concentrating on agricultural uses on the property and has put any conversion to residential use on hold.

Rio Bravo Ranch has been regarded as a local treasure for generations, but its 9,000 acres of rolling hills and rushing waters were already a natural wonder for centuries prior to our acquisition. As we plan for the future, we are ever conscious of our responsibility to the land. We know we must work with our surroundings and not against them. We must strive to retain the quintessential character of Rio Bravo Ranch for the generations to come.